Your terms and conditions of use

Rule 1

Dear Buyer please Reed the description 

Rule 2

Please review all pictures as part of the description

Rule 3

Please contact us FIRST if need more info  pictures or questions to make your final decision on purchase

Please buy with confidence and reed our terms and condition.  

Rule 4  Return policy...

There is no return or refund on purchase after payment completed - we can accept exchange only.

As a buyer you have the opportunity to ask and require more info, pictures, measurements, condition and all you need before make your final decision on your purchase.

We will provide all you need to meet your requirements and inquiries 

Our pictures ,measurements and condition are always accurate and proves authenticity purity and measurements  - regarded with many pictures accurate description and high professional reputation .

Please do not purchase if not sure and confident about the product you are looking to avoid and save both sides unnecessarily wasting time and money.